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Czechoslovakia. Romania. Ukraine. Most people only know of these exotic destinations as former Soviet satellites. But with the fall of the iron curtain came the rise of topless dancers and the freedom of sexual expression celebrated by the West. 

Unfortunately, the meteoric rise of erotic opportunity left many would-be dancers unprepared and untrained to take their rightful place on the stages of strip joints and gentlemen’s clubs throughout the region.

But this situation can be remedied. rescue workers have been tirelessly working to help these beautiful but disadvantaged Eastern European dancers to release their inner stripper and learn how to master a pole.

But we need your help.

With your contributions, we can not only touch the lives of strippers in urban centers across eastern Europe, but we can reach the nether regions of this burgeoning region and bring to the world stage the yet undiscovered gems that are currently not on display.

Help us give them the motivation and training they need to make the most of any pole they get their hands on.


Our rescue operations urgently need



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 Eastern European Operations.
 Domestic Operations.

Even though erotic dancing in this country has a century head start from that of our Eastern European cousins—strippers here at home need help too.

The art of the erotic dance is disappearing.

Whether from the lack of erotic dance veterans refusing to mentor a new generation of apprentices, or from a sense of entitlement effervescing within Gen Y women, the erotic dancer is becoming a dying breed.

But you can help.

Your generous donations will provide our rescue workers the tools they need to create recruiting campaigns that will motivate young and beautiful girls who would otherwise waste their lives in the pursuit of ballet, gymnastics, and acting to claim their rightful place on club stages across the country.

Your contributions will halt the decline of this once great institution and provide these stage virgins the vital training they need in the art of sensual dance.

Help us help them master any pole that they meet.


We can’t do it alone.

In any club we enter, we are overwhelmed by strippers who need our support. And that’s where you can help.

When you donate to the cause, you donate valuable resources that will help us help every stripper we meet.

Whether it be in our international efforts or here at home, every dime you donate will find its way to a deserving stripper.