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Become a part of the solution—not part of the problem. With your generous donation, we’ll be able to make sure that every stripper has a pole this holiday season.

Be their holiday miracle . . .Current_Rescue_Operations.html

For over 20 years our rescue workers have been lending a helping hand to strippers in need. Our motto is “no stripper left behind” and we mean it today as much as ever.

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our past successes . . .Your_Donations_at_Work/Your_Donations_at_Work.html

Strippers in need are everywhere—in taverns, gentlemen’s clubs, and bachelor parties around the globe. We are in desperate need of committed rescue workers who can help.

You can make a difference in the life
of a stripper. . .Become_a_Rescue_Worker.html
YOUR DONATIONS AT WORKYour_Donations_at_Work/Your_Donations_at_Work.html
BECOME A RESCUE WORKERBecome_a_Rescue_Worker.html


stripper needs your

help today.

Somewhere in the world a stripper needs your help.

During this season of giving, don’t let another day go by without making a stand for one of the most revered and honored professions of all time. Without your generous support, strippers everywhere may have no pole to go home to.

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CURRENT RESCUE OPERATIONSCurrent_Rescue_Operations.html
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 Get a stripper.